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New Payment Options

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Hello Fellow Couponers!

We wanted to let you know we have made some changes to our checkout process.  We will no longer be using USAePay as a credit card processor.  The fees have just become OUTRAGEOUS!  Since most of our orders are under $6, we are actually losing money on most credit card orders.  :(

We will now use Paypal as our credit/debit card processor!  Don't worry if you don't have a Paypal account you can still use your Debit or Credit Card to checkout within Paypal.  See below:

You do NOT need to create a Paypal Account!  All orders will be covered by Paypal and if there is ever an issue a Paypal dispute can be filed - this is actually better protection for our customers.  With credit/debit cards, if you have an issue, you have to call the bank that issued your card. 

We made this change in order to keep our prices as low as possible.  If you have any issues, please let us know.

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8/30 Clipped Smart Source Now Shipping!

Hello Couponers!We just posted our first batch of Clipped Smart Source coupons.  P&G will be posted later today.  Red Plum to be posted on Friday.Newest CouponsHappy Couponing!

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More 7/12 Smart Source Added

Hello Couponers!We just added another batch of 7/12 Clipped Smart Source Coupons from a different region.  18 MORE NEW Coupons...  Finish, Viva, Mitchum, Jergens, Curel and many more...Newest CouponsHappy Couponing!

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New Coupons Added!

Hello Couponers!We just added 16 more New Coupons from the last few weeks.  Huggies, Clorox, Wisk, Boost, Polar and many more..Newest CouponsHappy Couponing!

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More P&G Clipped Coupons Posted..

Hello Couponers!We just posted MORE New P&G Coupons..  Dawn, Pampers Wipes, Tide, Mr. Clean and many more..http://www.couponsclippedcheap.com/new-coupons/Happy Couponing!

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7/5 Sneak Peek!

Hello Fellow Couponers!We just posted the Sneak Peek for 7/5.  There will only be 1 insert - P&G Only!  And yes..  the long awaited Dawn Coupon is back!!7/5 Sneak Peek!We have also just posted 13 more NEW Coupons from 6/28 Smart Source that just arrived..  Popchips, Smithfield Bacon, Kleenex, Sharpie, Revlon and many more..Newest CouponsWanna [...]

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24 NEW Coupons and MORE Stock Added

We just posted 24 new coupons from the 6/25 Red Plum insert, plus we updated stock on 40 sold out coupons!Newest Coupons PostedAs the month is coming to a close we have extended the Monthly Coupon codes that are listed in the email newsletters to 4 (four) per user..  Cash in on those month end [...]

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6/26/15 Added More Stock

Just added 23 more NEW 6/28 Clipped Smart Source Coupon and updated stock on about 2 dozen sold outs...Sauvitel,  Summer's Eve, Tillamook, Farmer John, Daisy, Beech-Nut and many more...http://www.couponsclippedcheap.com/new-coupons/?sort=newestMore batches arriving tomorrow...  :)

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Stock Updated!

Hello Couponers!We just updated stock on over 50 items that were sold out.  Working on a batch of new coupons from the last 2 weeks that got missed when we posted.  New batch of coupons should be up in a few hours.Remember NO Mail tomorrow..  MLK day and the Post Office is closed.  All orders [...]

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Coupon Codes

Hello Couponers!We have sent newsletters with Coupon Codes..  Make sure to check your spam folders!We also posted on our Facebook page a few coupon codes as well..  Don't miss out to save extra $$ on your orders!Happy Couponing!

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