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Marsha Sobieski, EzineArticles Basic Author

Shipping & Returns


We display the actual coupon you will receive in the mail, on this website, so you will always know what you are receiving.  If for some reason, you receive the wrong coupons or your order is incorrect in any way, please contact us at customerservice@couponsclippedcheap.com and we will address any issues on a case by case basis.  We will either replace any mistakes made on our part, or refund your money if there is not time for a replacement.


specialdelivery.jpgIn addition, if you do not receive within 1 week, please contact us regarding your order.  The Postal Service, although very reliable does misdirect mail on occassion, or the envelope can be destroyed in the mail machines.  We do mail promptly, unfortunately once in the mail we have no control.  However, we are always happy to look into an issue for you.

We cannot refund your order because you missed a sale, ordered the wrong items, or changed your mind. There is a significant amount of time and energy put into securing newspapers, sorting, recycling, cutting, organizing and filling orders.  There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS after 30 days.  You should notice if you didn't receive your coupons long before 30 days.  


We ship from zip code 43920 in East Liverpool, OH.  If you'd like to know how long it will take to arrive at your location, please check www.usps.com for approximate delivery times.